Bruno Walter Musiktage
Bruno Walter Musiktage
Bruno Walter Musiktage
Bruno Walter Musiktage

“It is important, especially today, to keep alive the memory of a person like Bruno Walter because he was able – in a way few others were – to demonstrate, in an extraordinary way, the potential of music and the arts to overcome borders. The Bruno Walter Music days not only pay homage to this artist and humanist, and gesture towards a prolific musical era, they also help in the search for the creation of a shared – cultural – European future.”

Heinz Fischer,
Former President of the Republic of Austria

Upcoming event

Bratislava / Hall of Mirrors - Primate's Palace

24.09.2019 / 19:00

Johannes Brahms
Trio for clarinet, violoncello and piano in A minor Op. 114

Robert Schumann
Quartett for piano, violin, viola and violoncello in E-flat major Op. 47

Ernst von Dohnányi
Sextet for piano, violin, viola, violoncello, clarinet and horn Op. 37

Camerata Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
Annebeth Webb, Violin
Vilém Kijonka, Viola
Joris van den Berg, Violoncello
Hein Wiedijk, Clarinet
Fons Verspaandonk, Horn
Alissa Firsova, Piano