Become a Friend

Without friends and sponsors, the Bruno Walter Music Days would not exist. Friends and sponsors have been supporting the Musiktage for many years, cultivating a sense of Europe in the region that goes beyond economic interests. It is this sense of “Europe plus” that keeps the European dream alive and that might fulfil the promise made in Schiller’s Ode to Joy, the anthem of the European Union. At a time when the irreversibility of European integration is increasingly being questioned, this sense of Europe is of immense importance in the former border regions, where the mutual alienation caused by the Iron Curtain is still felt.

We would be delighted to welcome you as a friend of the Bruno Walter Music Days. Your contribution will help support

• the continued existence of the Bruno Walter Orchestra concert series and its work,
• subsidised concert tickets and thus the accessibility of cultural experience irrespective of a person’s economic circumstances,
• the maintenance of a musical project which is unique in the region and which, due to a lack of public funds, depends on private funding.

As a friend you will enjoy numerous benefits. Besides receiving regular information about the activities of the association, you will receive discounts on individual tickets and subscriptions for Bruno Walter Symphony Orchestra concerts in Bratislava (at the Redoute) and Vienna (in the Musikverein). You will receive exclusive pre-booking information for events such as chamber concerts where space is limited. Finally, you will be our guest at various social events linked to the Bruno Walter Music Days.