2% tax donation

2% of your taxes

Support the Friends of the Bruno Walter Music Days by assigning us a share of the income tax you have paid. The information on our association necessary to fill out the tax form is available in the table below. Our association is registered at the Central Notary Registry under the number 12137.
Physical persons can support us by assigning 2% of tax paid. If you have volunteered a minimum of 40 hours during the tax year, you can support us by assigning 3% of your tax.
Legal persons can support us by assigning 1% of the amount they paid in income taxes. If the legal person assigned 0.5% of their income tax to community services, they are allowed to assign us additional 2% of their income tax.

Information on the recipient of the income tax share:
IČO: 50463055
Legal status: Civic association
Name: Freunde der Bruno Walter Musiktage – Priatelia Hudobných dní Bruna Waltera
Street: Františkánske námestie
Number: 412/7
Area code: 811 01
City: Bratislava

Help us maintain the continuity of the Bruno Walter Music Days program.
Support young musical talent in gaining experience at concert performances.
Allow for reduced or free admission for pupils, students and seniors.